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Webcurl have the skills, tools and experience to create a bespoke customer portal for your organisation - allowing you to seamlessly capture a single, instant view of your customer's journey.

A Customer Portal is a private and secure website interface that provides your users with a single point of access to organisation information that they require. Essentially, a Customer Portal works as a digital information sharing centre between an organisation and its customer.

By creating a Customer Portal, an organisation can view and share relevant account information with its users. Users may choose to share their credit status, previous or current invoices, available rebates, order information and much more. A Customer Portal can enhance your customer relations by providing access to updated information on a 24/7 basis. Both convenient and relevant, a Customer Portal contains everything your user needs in one place.

What to consider when creating a Customer Portal?

Your content should be the first thing to consider when deciding to build a portal. Information should be easy to access, reliable, accurate and updated 24/7. Great content will help create better customer interactions for your organisation.

The portal needs to be easy to use and navigate with a search functionality that filters through all your websites. 

Keeping your content concise is key. This helps your customers gather the information they require efficiently without frustration.

Your customer's experience must be seamless. Using the same design for the portal and your website is essential to achieve consistency for your organisation.


Main Elements of a Customer Portal

A Customer Service Portal can tailor to create the correct, relevant online experience for your user. 

The main elements that a customer might be able to see include:

  • Account Details
  • Past History
  • Invoices
  • Billing Information
  • Credits
  • Credit Limits
  • Price Quotes

The portal's aim is to act as a hub of information about your services and user. The one interface allows customers to visit for support or information when they require it. This could be for a number of reasons such as a product update or submit/track an issue ticket. 

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Advantages of a Customer Portal

Improved Customer Satisfaction

By building an efficient Customer Service Portal to ensure your customers are connected, your team can focus on completing more complex issues. This saves time and uses your resources to effectively respond to clients.


Manage Customer Expectations

An online ticketing system gives your Customer Service Team a head start. Instead of responding to an issue immediately, the ticketing system provides your CST with time to think, form and implement the best solution for your customer.


24/7 access

A web portal is available 24/7 which provides customers with the option to submit a request on their own at a time which is convenient for them.

Reduced Direct Contact

Other services can help reduce the number of direct telephone calls with your CST. For example, an online system where customers  can search and review payments, view upcoming events, appointments or dates for specific bin collections, will save a direct call to the specific department.

Persuading your clients to use your preferred channel of communications can be tricky as clients have their own preference too. So initially try reducing instead of eliminating completely those options to clients.

Benefits of a Customer Portal

Both the customer and organisation will benefit from the use of a well-designed portal.

  • Customers are taught new skills, not just about solving the immediate issue but also know-how and tools to solve their own problems going forward.

  • Users expand their knowledge of the products and services provided.

  • Intuitive and well designed self-service portals allows your company to personalise the customers experience with the portal. This allows then the customer to be addressed by name as well as track previous areas of concern. This in turn acts as a chain of command and helps the consumer find what they need more quickly or revisit previous issues.

  • The portal can keep a record of what services are being used by a consumer and only display topics of interest that will be relevant to that customer. This will help the customer then feel like they are getting individualised attention.

  • A successful self-service portal strengthens the customers opinion of the company overall.

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Bottom Line


Providing a Customer Portal is steadily becoming an essential requirement for all types of organisations. The ever-increasing development of IT and the need for users to access information at any time, any where causes the Customer and Self-Service Portal to become a critical feature for both the customer and an organisation.

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