Power BI is an excellent business analytics service that delivers visually immersive and interactive insights helping you make fast and informed business decisions. The collection of software services, apps and connectors work to transform your data into a variety of reports and dashboards with an easy interface for end users. 

The platform is a visual experience with innovative reporting tools accompanied with interactive dashboards. The integration of external data provides a new-improved experience of your business data with a range of customisable functionalities.


Key Features


  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Modelling View

  • Customisation

  • Interactive Reporting

  • User-Friendly Mobility

  • Data Visulisation

  • Financial Overview

  • Self-Service Data Prep

  • Quick Insights

  • Cortana Integration Support

Why PowerBI?


Our CRM can be readily integrated with Microsoft PowerBI, giving you a choice of inbuilt data analytics or the dedicated PowerBI tool.

Capable of creating quick insights form an Excel spreadsheet or a local SQL database, PowerBI is fast and efficient. Its robust and enterprise-grade nature means the software is ready for intricate and extensive modelling and can provide real-time analytics, as well as custom development.

You will have the ability to directly embed these reports, which contain data from multiple sources, within the CRM. This will provide a coherent and interactive insight into your customer journeys.


Key Benefits of PowerBI

Unify self-service and enterprise analytics

PowerBI allows you to merge your self-service and enterprise data analytics needs on a single platform. Users have the ability to access powerful semantic models, an application lifecycle management (ALM) toolkit, an open connectivity framework, and fixed-layout paginated reports.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Located in the cloud, all authorised users have access to the reports from all types of devices from wherever they are. The easy accessibility of data can be monitored in real time, allowing your team to always be updated and informed.

Analyse large volumes of data with ease

This analytics service has the ability to simplify how you analyse and share large volumes of data. This will reduce the time it takes to filter through insights and increase collaboration between your organisation so you can reach outcomes efficiently.

Transforms your data into Engaging Models

PowerBI generates your complex data models into simple, separate diagrams. Easy tools include the ability to multi-select objects and common properties. This will display visually-attractive data models that can shared and presented in your network.

Top 4 Advantages of PowerBI


  • Transform data into stunning yet functional visuals and share them.

  • Visually explore and analyse data all in one view.

  • Collaborate on and share customised dashboards and interactive reports.

  • Scale across your project with built-in governance and security.


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