Back Office Integration

At Webcurl, our framework easily facilitates integration into a variety of back-office systems.

A back office is where tasks dedicated to running the organisation itself take place. Although the operations of a back office are usually not given a lot of consideration, they are a major contributor to your organisation. Back office operations include processes and methods that will help keep your organisation running. 

Back-office integration is extremely beneficial and structured to give your organisation the necessary means and elements to streamline operations and drive success.

Our Back-Office Integration


Our integration to FixMyStreet automatically adds cases to your CRM and combines this information with cases logged from other sources such as Call, Portal or Email.

For my information about our FixMyStreet integration, get in touch. 


Alexa (Virtual Assistant)

Our Alexa integration can surface data from your CRM or back-office system. This can be programmed and tailored to your exact requirements. 

For more information about our Alexa (VA) integration, click here.


We can readily integrate your platform to GOV.UK Pay (a secure on-line payment service). This allows webforms to be payment ready within hours.

For more information about our GOV.UK Pay integration, click here.



Our CRM solutions can integrate with Microsoft PowerBI. This provides a choice of inbuilt data analytics allowing more options for your data analysis.

For more information about our PowerBI integration, click here.

Benefits of Back-Office Integration

Improved Productivity

Back office solutions help improve productivity of your team by identifying specific areas that need support. With visibility into team conduct, it is possible to waste less time and focus on the work at hand to deliver better customer service.


Increased Communication

An integrated solution creates a line of communication that may not have existed otherwise and improves the exchange of ideas and creation of action within your organisation.


Maximise Manpower

Forecasting and scheduling with a back office solution can help maximise manpower by correctly delegating tasks to the appropriate departments. Utilising the right team provides the correct resources to corresponding cases and drives the bottom line by impacting performance metrics.

Greater Control

Integrating back office solutions helps your organisation have more control over different business processes. For organisation where there is a disconnect between teams, such as the front and back offices, this command of operations is important in realigning goals. This approach can increase the organisation's intelligent management and overall success.


Drive the Front Office

Regulating your organisation's back office with management solutions has long-term impact on the front office. Back office operations such as human resources, IT, operations and finance help the organisation run. When the back office is operating efficiently with maximum productivity, motivated employees and clear communication, the front offices of sales, marketing and customer support can effortlessly work on client-facing tasks for better outcomes.

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