Bespoke Portals

Webcurl delivers customised portal solutions for any type of organisation. With our client profile ranging from Public Sector bodies to E-Commerce companies, we provide a tailored portal solution that fits your organisation's needs.

Online portals are an excellent addition for any business providing one central point for all relevant tools, documents and information a business may need. It enables universal login access so important information can be retrieved regardless of location and time. Functionalities such as appropriate permissions can be setup to determine the user’s access level and information available to them.

Whether your organisation needs a custom-built online portal for its customers or its workforce, we have the skills, tools and experience to create the perfect portal for your organisation.

Our Clients

  • East Hampshire District Council
  • Human Tissue Authority (HTA)
  • Skillnet

What our Bespoke Portals offer

Task Management & Workflow

Our Bespoke Portals will provide top task management services that can help your team organise and prioritise their workflow. Through a variety of workflow functions, we can integrate automated processes.



Our software is flexible and designed in a way to allow your own customisation and personal touch. You can always go back and modify, improve, add or remove features as you see fit.


Webcurl can develop portals that seamlessly connect with a variety of different technologies and processes you require.


Fully Scalable

Our Portal solutions are built to ensure your organisation is compliant and scales with your organisation as it grows.


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