CiviCon 2015

Conferences in general are a funny thing but very software technology specific conferences are in a league of their own. CiviCon as expected fell into the latter category.

The conference started with an interesting talk on how to improve data-quality within CiviCRM, although based on technology, it was the only talk addressing a bigger picture looking at how to identify and reduce the amount of doubt or unknowns in a CRM. Data quality is critical, bad data is a little bit like having a security camera that only produces a grainy bad useless picture. It may look as if it is doing something useful for you but in the end it is a waste of money without providing any security. 

The right choice of CRM depends completely on how you interact with your clients. For purely sales workflow driven organisations, CiviCRM may not be your best choice. But if sales workflow is non critical, CiviCRM combined with Drupal will give you a powerful tool as its core functionality is extensive, it enables you to record all client interactions, organise and manage an event, case-management, subscription management, extensive mailing capabilities are some of its core features.

The combination of Drupal and CiviCRM still remains one the most cost effective and powerful combinations for those seeking to deploy an all out open source CMS and CRM solution, at CiviCon I watched a number of interesting case studies on how it has been implemented at estate agents, recruitment agencies, a housing association to name but a few implementations, only confirming the exciting times ahead for us here at Webcurl.

If you are looking to deploy a CRM for the first time, feel free to get in touch with us any time, we will happily tell you which CRM is most suited for your requirement even if this is not CiviCRM.

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