Drupal Meetups in Devon & Cornwall

Why meet up after work and then spend another two hours talking about work?

You must a little of your rocker in order to enjoy that?

In my experience it does actually help to be slightly of your rocker when working with Drupal. Which makes Drupal meet ups usually quite enjoyable.


The Drupal community is made up of a great variety of people, some with just an interest in Open Source, others who are Drupal Evangelists.

The structure of a meetup is simple, there is an agenda to whom anybody attending can add a topic. This is then loosely used to structure the meetup. The topics can be anything related to Drupal, you may be working on a cool project and would like to share your learning, or you may be stuck on something and need some help, or you may just want to find out more about the latest Drupal developments.

This is a nice aspect of the community as it brings people with a shared passion together in the real world, it adds a human face to what is otherwise just another avatar.

Supporting this community is important to Webcurl and the reason why we are organising the Drupal meetups for Devon and Cornwall.

The meetups will take place in the University of Plymouth Marine Building, using the facilities of the formationzone. Less then a 10 minute walk from the train station.

Normally after the meetup there is a social gathering in a local pub or similar, in a slightly more relaxed setting the topic of conversation tends to stay the same.

For more information about the next meetup click here http://www.meetup.com/Devon-Cornwall-Drupal-Meetup-Plymouth/events/229258403/

And don’t forget the Drupal group for Devon and Cornwall which can be found here



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