The Director of Public Health Award (DPHA) for Bath and North East Somerset is a scheme that promotes and recognises initiatives in educational establishments that work towards a more healthy population. The award itself consists of 2 certificates that each establishment can be awarded.

The brief for the site was to provide a public information website to allow Parents, Carers and any other interested parties to learn about the scheme. In addition, the site had to provide a secure area through which establishments could access tools to help them gain the certificates.

Key features of the site included:

  • "Colour coded" areas for each different establishment/user type to allow easy identification of where you are on the site.
  • Online tools that can be used by establishments to help them gain each certificate.
  • Admin tools to allow DPHA staff to monitor and help establishments where necessary.
  • Ability to embed rich media including video.

The site has been live since April 2012 and, although the content is still evolving, it has been well received and has helped several schools gain their awards already. We remain engaged with DPHA providing not only hosting and support but also implementing more complex site enhancements as required.