Human Tissue Authority

The HTA are the body charged with licensing and monitoring all establishments that deal with any form of human tissue, be it for research, transplant or diverse other purposes. All of their work revolves around the formal submission of forms that must be completed for organisations to become licenced, submit incident reports or to complete any other formal requirement set out by HTA.

The brief was to replace an existing “self-service” portal with a new, Drupal based, version that was tightly integrated to the internal CRM system used by HTA to manage their multitude of internal processes.

Key to the success of the project was:

  • It should be relatively easy for suitable trained HTA staff to create new forms without programming.
  • Only the minimum of data was to be held in the Drupal database to minimize any data protection risk.
  • It should provide a flexible security model to ensure that users only see what they should be allowed to see.
  • The interface should provide an improved user experience for organisations accessing forms.

In order to achieve the brief we created an extension to the standard Drupal web form module that allows forms to be mapped to the CRM database by a normal author. In addition, we combined several contributed modules and custom code to implement a security model that linked Drupal to the contacts stored in the CRM system The system has been live for over 6 months and has been well received by HTA staff and end users. We are continuing to work with the HTA providing continual support for their system and implementing further change requests to enhance the functionality when required.

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“Our CRM system is always up to date without any administrative effort.”

“One of the main advantages of the Webcurl system is the autonomy it gives us.”

Jamie Munro - Head of Business Technology