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Oxford Instruments are a worldwide technology supplier. They sell industrial instruments around the world through a network of distributors. They had a powerful MS Dynamics CRM to track their sales, but no way of getting their distributors to interact with the data in real time. Webcurl’s experience with both MS Dynamics CRM and Drupal allowed us to offer a tailored solution.

Webcurl’s powerful Webcurl CRM Portal feature set allowed us to offer bespoke access to the Oxford Instruments CRM. Allowing distributors to input and track sales data. Using AccessCRM lets each of the world-wide network of distributors log in and track their success.

In 2017, there was a change in ownership at Oxford Instruments. As a part of the rebranding process we introduced new functionality to the portal. The new interface tracks the sales journey in live graphs. It also offers Excel like functionality to sort and filter tables of sales data. Oxford Instruments and their distributors can now use this up to the minute business intelligence to plan for their future.

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