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Uncorked is a premium wine merchant with a shop based in central London. Uncorked have a loyal customer base who can purchase wine online "Duty Paid" for immediate delivery or "In Bond" as a long term investment. "In Bond" wine is stored either at the wine makers or in a bonded warehouse. We have redesigned and developed the website using Drupal Commerce and provided back office integration which enables realtime stock updates. The website also tracks users investments online against the wine index provided by Liv-ex so each customer can see how their investment is performing.

“...Drupal Commerce, provided back office integration and realtime stock updates.”

Drupal Commerce has enabled Uncorked's customers to have multiple ways of choosing and purchasing wine.

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."Drupal Commerce, provided us with back office integration into our EPOS system and realtime stock updates.”

Edward Eastwood - Systems Manager

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