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Webcurl CRM Connector

Our portal solution offers a friendly interface for users outside of your organisation to interact with your CRM. Connecting your website to your CRM system, we offer a customisable solution based upon an open platform driven by the community. We provide flexibility with our solution, allowing you control over your portal and your data.

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Currently we connect to:
  • Dynamics 365
  • SugarCRM
  • SuiteCRM
  • WebcurlCRM
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Decide how you display your CRM data


Customisation is a core tenet of our portal solution. Views can be modified to display relevant data from any part of your CRM on any part of your site.

We provide a drag & drop editor allowing you to build and customise forms as you see fit. This may be simplified question and answer forms, or more advanced forms for frequent users.

Whether you add your own branding, or let us customise your portal with your own designs, you control how your portal looks.

Open Source and Evolving

Open Platform

The heart of our portal solution is the Drupal framework - a widely used and supported open source Content Management System.

With a large selection of contributed modules available, it's easy to add many kinds of additional features to your portal website.

External Systems and Services

Integration & Utility

Your CRM portal can be integrated with additional external systems, acting as a data conduit.

This can be a two-way exchange, with additional services taking specific data from your CRM, or feeding in extra information so that you can see the whole picture in a single place.

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