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How it works

Webcurl’s dedicated support team can ensure the continual success of your Drupal projects go live by providing help and advice to your web team. 

We offer our support customers: 

  • A helpdesk that is constantly manned during business hours 

  • A guaranteed service level agreement (SLA) 

  • Multiple ways to report tickets (web, email and phone) 

  • Advice as well as bug fixing 

  • Security patching and upgrades 

We are happy to support any Drupal site. It doesn't matter if your site was developed by us, in-house or by another 3rd party. 

Our support packages are based on a time used basis and is billed in 15 minute increments. The time can be used for any purpose. The cost of a support contract is determined by the amount of time purchased.

We provide an initial response within 30 minutes for critical tickets with a proposed action and resolution being posted within 2 working hours. Other tickets will be acknowledged within a maximum of 4 hours with a proposed action and resolution timescale being posted the same day. 

Webcurl provide help-desk support via telephone, e-mail and the online portal during the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm UK time (excluding weekends and days which are public holidays in England). 

Also available to our supported customers is the continuous update service for Drupal. Our service ensures worry free evenings for your security team by ensuring a speedy deployment of any security release notified by the Drupal security team. 

Benefits of our support

Telephone Helpdesk 
Direct access to our experts all trained to support our suite of solutions and ready to solve your system problems. The team can be contacted 9.00 am - 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday. 

Updated Modules 
Security and module updates will always be conducted on your site by our developers and Drupal experts. 

Drupal is a system that was built for the mobile-first world, meaning your site will never have to worry about supporting a responsive design system. 

Digital Integrations 
Drupal allows for more effective and efficient communication due to the organisation system of email, analytics, marketing automation and other digital tech solutions. 

Innovation, Speed and Scalability 
Drupal enables the opportunity to create and manage a great website, mobile and social experiences, with constant innovation and ideas incoming from the Drupal community. The flexible platform allows us to overcome faults and delays so we can provide a fast and agile experience. Moreover, other than just supporting high traffic, Drupal will continuously scale with your business and needs to keep evolving without any interruptions. 

Solution News 
Stay informed of software developments that may give you a competitive advantage and regular support reviews. 

We are based around Drupal and we want to deliver an experience that fully supports your needs and the goals of your business. To get in touch, contact us to discuss your specific requirements and request information on our support offerings.​​​​​

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