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What is GDS Framework?

The Government Design System (GDS) Framework is set of styles, components and patterns that allow GOV.UK services to remain consistent, and reuse research or work that is already done.

With a specially designed Drupal theme, we can integrate your platform with the GOV.UK Design System.



The GDS Drupal theme will enable users to complete common tasks like entering addresses, filling in forms and creating accounts with ease.


The GDS Drupal theme will save time with reusable, accessible components for forms, navigation, panels, tables and more.


The GDS Drupal theme will provide guides for applying layout, typography, colour and images for your organisation's website.

Benefits of the GDS Framework

Everything in one place

Government design patterns and codes have been difficult to find for public bodies. However, the Design System provides GOV.UK styles and components in one central place. This includes elements such as typography, layout, colours, checkboxes, buttons and form inputs.


Ease of Use

All of the examples, codes and guidance in the GOV.UK Design System have been designed with ease in mind. You will be able to find live examples so you can see how components and patterns work and paste them straight into your Drupal platform. 

Fully supported

The Design System and all of its contents are now fully supported by a dedicated team at the Government Digital Service (GDS). Previously, there was no single team responsible for the Government design patterns and codes were not always fully supported or maintained.



A community backlog is available. This is where Government bodies and individuals propose new styles, components and patterns. Also, existing ideas can be developed and you can view what other public bodies are working with.

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