Webcurl uses the leading Open Source Content Management System (CMS) Drupal as our #1 choice to build websites.

We use Drupal as our framework as it provides high value, ease of use and the flexibility to accommodate our customers’ changing needs. Drupal has a global community of developers who are continually improving and upgrading the functionality to enhance online experiences for all types of websites. 

Why Choose Drupal?


  • Secure –The platform is frequently upgraded with new security upgrades provided by the dedicated Drupal security team. 
  • Community – Part of a global active community, Drupal provides additional functionality modules that can be developed to your site. This unlocks opportunity to explore new developments in web technology at low cost.
  • Easy Integration – The platform allows you to easily facilitate integration into many back-office systems. For example - bespoke platforms or popular marketing tools.
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A website that is scalable, flexible and reliable…


When you’re searching for the perfect platform to build your website upon, discovering a framework that scales with your company is key. Drupal is the perfect match – capable of adapting to changing web trends and supporting any future changes to your site.

Key Benefits of choosing Drupal


Scalability is an essential requirement part of any CMS platform and this is a capability Drupal perform best in. The platform is used by the busiest sites around the world, maintaining on-site traffic and allowing the number of visitors to grow on your site without any incidents arising.



The large community of Drupal is a unique benefit compared to other CMS platforms. New web technology developments are created and shared amongst the community at no cost. Discussion boards, mailing lists, and chats are available – providing help and promotion of new findings. Open Source is not dependent on the company or author that originally created your platform so you no longer have to rely on one company to make modifications.


The adaptable design platform allows you to create engaging content for any market type. A variety of different content types are available for your site such as online polls, webforms, videos, blogs and many more.



You can apply an endless amount of customisation features to your site. This can include social media platforms, search optimisation tools, or google analytics.



Drupal leads the market in web security ensuring your site is frequently upgraded with new security enhancements, patches, and other functionalities.

You're In Control

Even if you are a non-technical website administrator, you’re in control of your website. The framework is for everyone, regardless of your level of understanding. A few examples of the impressive functionalities you can apply to your site include:

  • Building pages with a selection of layout templates
  • Drag and drop multi styled sections
  • Managing footers, menus, and user navigation
  • Creating, managing, and sending automated emails
  • Designing webforms and viewing submissions


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