One of the leading Customer Management Systems on the market, SugarCRM is an open-source platform that organises and manages your various business processes. With its customisation capabilities, you can create a CRM solution which achieves set targets and delivers impeccable customer service.

The software can help your different departments to work collaboratively in achieving a more unique and seamless experience for your customers. Features such as customisable home pages, shortcut bars and downloadable plug-ins provides freedom to fit varied organisational needs. SugarCRM also integrates with multiple third-party systems and can accommodate to new modules created by the community.

At Webcurl, our portal connector can connect to SugarCRM.

Features of SugarCRM


  • Sales automation and forecasting

  • Support automation

  • Marketing lead management

  • Reporting and dashboard

  • SugarCRM mobile

  • Sugar Exchange

  • Cloud or on-premise deployment

  • Unlimited studio customisation

  • Advanced workflow

  • Role-based views

  • Centralised Storage

  • Third-party integrations


Benefits of SugarCRM

Helps Deliver Excellent Customer Service

The accessibility of Customer Data allows your support team to respond most effectively to all types of customer queries. With the help of SugarCRM Support, feedback measures can be implemented to determine the level of customer satisfaction.


Marketing Functionalities

With customer data presented in the central dashboard of the CRM, your team has access to customer insights. SugarCRM provides a variety of marketing tools such as Sentiment, Influence, and Overall Reach. Your business will have the ability to analyse the activity and engagement of your current or potential target market.

Convert Leads into Sales

SugarCRM provides your Customer Service team with access to all Customer data and information in a centralised location. This enables your team to track and follow all new and existing cases instantly; providing opportunity for your team to convert leads into sales successfully.


Intelligent Reporting

The solution allows your team to create as many visual, interactive and engaging dashboards to represent your data accurately. SugarCRM offers professional analytic capacity, such as PowerBI, with the ability to summarise the effect of your performance and forecast trends or potential issues.

Multi-Device Support & Ease of Access

The solution is responsive and can be accessed by different types of devices such as a mobile device. Authorised users can gain access to the system from any place at any time.


Endless Plug-ins & Integration

SugarCRM offer a variety of plug-ins and integration that can help you deliver a seamless customer experience for your users.


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