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Automate processes and cut costs with Webcurl Self-Serve

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Webcurl recognises that public sector organisations are always seeking new ways to digitise and automate manual processes to reduce costs and increase productivity. 

Webcurl Self-Serve, our in-house advanced web form solution, aims to bridge the gap between your organisation and its citizens. Self-Serve empowers organisations to create bespoke complex forms, allowing users to submit requests that feed directly into your back-office systems, such as case management.

With Webcurl Self-Serve, citizens can conveniently engage with your organisation via intuitive web forms that can facilitate a wide range of services, including:

  • Road Management, potholes, street lightening
  • Social Care 
  • Fostering and Adoption services


Key Features

  • Full integration with your business systems
  • Single annual cost for unlimited use and users
  • Flexible hosting - Azure, AWS, on-premise
  • Intuitive low-code design builder
  • Customisable to fit your business's unique brand guidelines


Five Benefits of Using Webcurl Self-Serve

  1. Guide your citizens towards more cost-effective communication channels: Reduce the burden of direct telephone calls & minimise customer service waiting times by empowering citizens with an intuitive step-by-step advanced web form solution.


  2. Increase your organisation's productivity: Unlock your organisation's full potential with unmatched efficiency. Streamline interactions between citizens and your organisation while accelerating case management and customer service processing.


  3. Empower your workforce to focus on the bigger picture: Funnel customers down online customer service channels & empower staff to focus on more complex tasks.


  4. Provide an improved customer experience: Offer customers the freedom and flexibility to submit service requests or enquiries at their convenience, 24/7.


  5. Create a solution that aligns with your brand: Effortlessly customise screens, displays and forms and create a solution that aligns with your brand.


Are you interested in Webcurl Self-Serve for your organisation?

Since 2008, Webcurl has supported many public sector organisations on their digital transformation journey.

If you have any questions about Webcurl Self-Serve or the other digital tools and services that make up our complete digital experience platform, get in touch and elevate your digital journey to the next level.


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Since 2008 Webcurl have been on hand with expert advice, development and support for our clients to enhance their digital transformation goals. 

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