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GovUK Notify: Module for Drupal

What is Gov UK Notify?

Gov UK Notify is a service created by the Government Digital Service (GDS) that helps local government authorities and the NHS to communicate with their users more efficiently.

Emails, texts and letters can be sent automatically by using the service. It allows for communications to be automated, consistent and easy to compose.

Gov UK Notify also reduces costs through offering unlimited free emails and up to 150,000 free texts per service.

Webcurl's Gov UK Notify Integration

Webcurl has developed a Gov UK Notify module so the service can be integrated into Drupal sites.

The module allows you to easily compose emails to your users from your Gov UK Notify account that are automated to send from a subscription form on your website. 

This example demonstrates the GovUK Module providing updates about consultations, however it could be used for any instance where you want users to be able to register for automated updates.

If you would like to find out more or try a live demo, get in touch using the contact form. 

We have also created a Gov UK Pay module that can be integrated with Drupal to allow users to easily pay for council services online. You can watch a demo video on the Gov Pay module here.

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