In 2015, WebCurl worked collaboratively with Bath and North East Somerset Council to create a new Intranet. Our original design, which is demonstrated in the video above, replaced a dated, hierarchical site build with a flat structure, which allowed for the fuller use of Drupal’s search capabilities and the ability to categorise content into facets.

Some prominent features and benefits of our Intranet design include:

One-platform – A Pinterest styled picture board where employees can share various information. Through a central email address, information is aggregated through staff emails with pictures and text.

Dashboard with Pinning functionality – Each user has a customisable dashboard paired with a pinning feature, which allows users to pin relevant content to an individual dashboard for quick and easy access.

Travel site – Using live data from both the local bus and train companies, we were able to create a successful, instant platform which allows users to track buses and trains.

Trading post board – This allows Council staff to advertise, trade or sell unwanted items between themselves.

Other features and benefits added to the intranet include:

  • Active directory integration
  • Phonebook search with faceted filtering
  • Updating of certain fields in AD via the intranet, e.g. Telephone number
  • Are you having problems restructuring content due to a hierarchical site structure? Are you looking to create an easy and improved user web experience? If so, please contact us, Webcurl would be more than happy to help.