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Voice Assistant Bin Collections

Voice Assistant Bin Collections

What colour bins go out this week? It's a question that is always hard to answer.

This video demonstrates how to use Webcurl's Bin Collections voice assistant skill.

Bin Collections, is a skill especially designed for our council clients to help residents answer that question.

Available on Alexa and Google Assistant the skill makes it quick and easy to find the right information from your smart speaker or any enabled device.

The skill can help your users find out when their bins need to go out, and get regular and timely reminders about what colour bin will be collected and when.

Responses from the voice assistant can be updated as the collection route in your back office system is changed, so when reminders are activated it will allow users to be notified even when their bin day changes (so no more missed bins at Christmas!).

Get in touch via the contact form if you are interested in bringing this skill to your residents.

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