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Dynamics 365

Microsoft's suite of Dynamics 365 applications provide not only traditional CRM functionality, but solutions that are effective for all kinds of organisation.

Want to know how Microsoft Dynamics helps you work better? Webcurl is a Microsoft CRM Partner who can offer help, advice and support in choosing the right solution, get you set up with Microsoft Dynamics customisation and development, or provide ongoing support.

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Decide how you display your CRM data


For some organisations, the per-seat licensing arrangement adopted by the majority of CRM vendors can seem prohibitive.

Built on open-source technology, our in-house solution allows you to discover the benefits of CRM technology, but without license headaches.

You get all the features commonly found on Enterprise systems such as 

  • Easy to customize CRM with user interface configuration
  • Extendable via custom CRM modules
  • Workflow
  • Advanced Order Processing
  • Dashboard Integration to 3rd party reporting such as PowerBI 

Featuring first-class integration with our CRM Portal solution, and available hosted or on-premise, WebcurlCRM is a powerful way to streamline your workflow.

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Powerful Data Analysis Tool


A dedicated tool is going to offer much more functionality and ergonomic consideration than a hybrid tool, as is the case between PowerBi and CRMs with regards to data analytics. Integration of PowerBi into your CRM is both possible and, in many cases; recommended to ensure the best possible analysis of your CRM data. Both Dynamics 365 and WebcurlCRM can be readily integrated with PowerBi, giving you a choice of inbuilt data analytics, or the dedicated PowerBi tool, which will offer many more options for data analysis.

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Customised CRM Data Display

CRM Portals

Amazing as any CRM is at storing your customer information and handling your business processes, there is no denying that the display and input of this data is not necessarily user friendly. Our CRM portal allows you to connect a Drupal website to your CRM, providing a customisable, extendable interface onto your CRM through which you can manage your data efficiently and easily. Our CRM Portal can also be integrated with any number of additional services, allowing maximum utilisation of your data within all required services and system.

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Review, Support, Training

CRM Support

In addition to the software manufacturer's standard maintenance cover, Webcurl offers comprehensive support for Dynamics 365 CRM.

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