LocalGov Drupal

LocalGov Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS) built on the leading open-source CMS software Drupal, specifically developed for councils by councils and partners.


Following the Local Digital Declaration with support from the Department for Levelling Up, LocalGov Drupal is transforming the digital capabilities of local government

LocalGov Drupal is created by a community of local governments with a focus on improving the platform, solving problems and sharing resources. 

Webcurl is proud to be part of the community and an official supplier of LocalGov Drupal. We make the process of transitioning to the new system as easy as possible for organisations, through offering design, bespoke development and migration options. 

Why LocalGov Drupal?

LocalGov Drupal (LGD) is a cost-effective way for local government to transform their digital offerings, by making their websites more functional, accessible and secure.

The LGD community includes members from a large number of councils with varying roles, such as content editors, customer service managers and IT directors. This provides diverse inputs into the development of the platform. This means that LGD is placed to meet the needs and simplify processes for all users of the CMS.



LGD is a community of councils and software experts working together to solve problems. If you are facing a challenge with your existing website its more than likely another organisation has a similar problem.

Finding a solution is quicker together. 

Simple and Intuitive Design

Based on the Gov.UK design system, navigation and layouts are intuitive for users looking for information and services. Through using Drupal, the back end of the website is also easy to navigate for staff editing content and pages. 


Reduced Costs

Drupal is open-source so there is no licensing fees now or into the future.

Shared resources in the LGD community, lets you benefit from research, insights and development undertaken by other councils.


Drupal is built to be able to support a large number of users, so as more services move online you won't have problems supporting additional traffic.

As your organisation grows and changes there are no additional user fees. Access can be provided for as may staff as needed.


LGD is built with the WCAG guidelines at the fore, providing the tools for all content created to be accessible. 

The base LGD content and functionality meets WCAG level AA. 

Easy Integration

LGD facilitates easy integration into back-office systems. E.g. Bespoke platforms, CRM systems or popular marketing tools.

Webcurl also offers a portal solution to enhance customer experiences, and improve data management and communication efficiency. 


The platform is frequently upgraded with new security updates provided by the dedicated Drupal Security Team, and enhanced by the LGD.

Why Webcurl?

Webcurl is experienced when it comes to LocalGov Drupal.  

We are currently working with a number of councils to migrate and deploy their new LGD sites, and are hosting and supporting others that have previously deployed LocalGov Drupal and were looking for support with expertise. 

Our specialist development team also has the ability to to create bespoke modules, providing all of the functionality you might need.

We will be able to work with you to identify the right strategy for your website to get the best out of LocalGov Drupal .


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