SuiteCRM is an Open-Source CRM software developed and maintained by SalesAgility. New functionality and improvements to the core product are constantly added to make SuiteCRM the best Open Source CRM product in the world, and to compete with proprietary CRM vendors such as SugarCRM and Microsoft.

With the aim of helping organisation increase sales, streamline workflows and improve customer experience, SuiteCRM provides your team with unique insight into customer behaviour, leads, accounts, and more. 

By connecting your website to your CRM system, we offer a customisable solution based upon an open platform driven by the community. We provide flexibility with our solution, allowing you control over your CRM portal and data. Here at Webcurl, our CRM portal connector can connect to SuiteCRM.


Features of SuiteCRM

  • API (Application Programming Interface)

  • Activity Dashboard

  • Activity Tracking

  • Calendar Management

  • Contact Database

  • Custom Fields

  • Customizable Reporting

  • Customizable Templates

  • Third Party Integration


Why SuiteCRM?

Increase your Sales

The Open-Source CRM provides you with all the necessary tools to capture important leads, manage your opportunities and create personalised quotations. This will help your organisation convert more leads into sales.


Engage your Customers

Engage your customers more effectively with personalised experiences and consistent messaging. Automate customer segmentation, send targeted marketing content and track important activity to generate more leads and feed the funnel.


Build and Maintain Customer Relations

SuiteCRM offers a flexible data model that allows you to create a single tailored repository for all your customer data. You can use those key insights to improve efficiency, understand your customers needs and automate key actions. Our powerful reporting and dashboards give you quick visibility of key metrics to support your business.


Improve the Customer Experience

Deliver excellent customer service by providing your team with all the vital tools SuiteCRM offer. This will enable your customer service team to fulfil an effective and efficient response.

Benefits of SuiteCRM


SuiteCRM has a dedicated community that provides regular improvements, documentation and testing managed by SalesAgility (the authors and maintainers of SuiteCRM).


360 Degree View

SuiteCRM enables your organisation to gain key insights vy creating a central repository for all your customer data. This can be used to enhance your customer relations by fully understanding your customer's needs and wants.


Flexibility and Freedom

The Open Source framework reduces your total cost of ownership with its ability to customise and tailor your CRM to the bespoke needs of your organisation.



You can share and collaborate across any boundaries due to the open REST API. This allows you to integrate your CRM with core business systems which ultimately increases productivity across your organisation.


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