Webcurl CRM

Built with Open-Source technologies

Our in-house CRM solution allows you to discover the benefits of CRM technology without the expensive per-seat licensing fee applied by most vendors. Built on open-source technology, our solution enables you to streamline processes and enhances your customer service.

Features of Webcurl CRM

  • Advanced workflow

  • Dashboard Integration

  • Easily customisable with User Interface Configuration

  • Variety of Plug-ins

  • Unique Support from our team

  • Performance Tracking

  • Easy Use Dashboard


Benefits of Webcurl CRM

Delivers Excellent Customer Service

Our solution provides a full picture of your interaction timeline with the customers you serve. Whether you’re a Customer Service Representative or End User, all activity can be stored and easily surfaced from the CRM. We will help you add any personal touches that will deliver an optimum level of service by your organisation.


Facilitates the discovery of potential duplicates

De-duplication comes as standard within the CRM. Addition of contacts or accounts is checked for duplicates based on previously defined criteria in real-time.


Responsive Design

Our CRM solution is designed with a seamless responsive theme to ensure all user experience is unaffected regardless of the device type used. 


Efficiently manages your Customer Promises 

Managing your clients with a CRM is much easier with access to all contact histories and customer details. Our system includes 'next action date activity' notifications so a customer promise is never missed. You will be able to create individual search functions so you can pull reports on customer accounts and individual workloads. This can also be enhanced by integrating with PowerBI.


Common Interface

Whether you’re an internal or external user entering information, our solution guarantees a common interface. This allows your team to view any case under a main account. Internal staff can launch on-line forms directly from within the CRM showing record of the incident against the individuals account.



Want customers to have the freedom to resolve smaller cases whilst freeing up your customer service teams so they can deal with the bigger issues? Our online portal connects with Webcurl CRM allowing us to set up a self-service function. This way your customer can deal with the problems instantly. 

Due to its first-class integration with our CRM Portal solution, which available hosted or on-premise, WebcurlCRM is a powerful way to streamline your workflow 

To see this in action within our customer experience platform please click on the below webinar post.  

Click here: Webinar for customer experience platform 


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