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Webcurl hosting services for the public sector

We provide secure & high-performance hosting services for public sector organisations that ensure hassle-free operations for peace of mind

Why Webcurl Hosting?

A reliable hosting platform is crucial for the effective online presence of government entities. Our hosting solution, tailored specifically for government needs, is built upon the trusted Kubernetes orchestration platform. It has been meticulously crafted to be user-friendly, secure, and dependable. With integral security protocols, resilient backup and disaster recovery capabilities, and an intuitive control panel, the management and safeguarding of your digital platforms become effortlessly streamlined. Additionally, our platform is scalable, allowing it to effortlessly handle fluctuations in user traffic. Partner with Webcurl for peace of mind, knowing that your online assets are in safe hands


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Benefits of Webcurl hosting for the public sector

Explore the advantages of Webcurl Hosting specific to your government needs. Learn how our dedicated and dependable platform guarantees a seamless and trouble-free experience for both your team and the stakeholders you serve.

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Backup & disaster recovery

Our proactive approach means we have the right systems in place to deal with any kind of technical failure quickly. A key component in our preparedness is maintaining suitable backups in multiple storage locations for all site code & data so we can restore vital government services as soon as it goes down

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Scalable for any situation

Our platform allows for rapid scaling during periods of high & low traffic, ensuring your  platforms work efficiently handling increased or decreased demand

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Works anywhere

We can host your services on-premises, on our own servers or in the cloud. By using multiple providers as fail-safes we make sure your platforms stay up even if one provider has a problem

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Built-in security features

By running our client platforms within individual containers, we maintain site uptime while reducing the scope of damage a compromised application could cause

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Resilient against failure

Our system constantly monitors the health status of our public sector clients' digital footprint across all key components. Any anomalies are immediately forwarded to our incident management platform, & our engineering team notified for speedy solutions

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Easy-to-use control panel

We offer a client control panel that enables easy deployment of multiple sites, microsites & environments on our platform

Our products

Explore our extensive product range & discover a wide variety of solutions tailored to address the unique digital needs & goals of government organisations

LocalGov Drupal Hosting

LocalGov Drupal is an open source CMS platform designed for local authorities. The platform enables councils to deliver a better digital experience for residents, improve service outcome, & save money. Our team can provide your organisation with secure & high-performance hosting services that ensure your website operates seamlessly


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Dynamics 365 Hosting

Dynamics 365 is a portfolio of intelligent business applications that empowers councils to efficiently handle data, optimise stakeholder engagement, streamline financial operations, and expedite issue resolutions. Our team can provide your organisation with secure & high-performance Dynamics 365 hosting services that you can be confident in.


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