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Boosting Customer Engagement for Successful Digital Transformation

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Navigating tight budgets, local governments are on a mission to elevate digital services. Webcurl understands the importance of facilitating seamless connections between back-office solutions and end-user interactions. We specialise in integrating back-office solutions with user interactions to improve customer engagement, automate workflows, and drive cost savings.

 The benefits we strive to unlock for our customers

  • Connected solutions from back-end to citizen-engaging
  • Reduced manual processes and rekeying of data
  • Intuitive webforms and voice-activated solutions
  • Cost-reducing best-of-breed solutions
  • Flexible and scalable to your individual needs

Complete Digital Experience Platform

Powered by cost-effective open-source & industry-leading technology, Webcurl solutions facilitate innovation, flexibility & collaboration to transform your digital platform.

Webcurl's comprehensive suite of digital solutions enables government organisations to create customised solutions that perfectly align with their unique requirements.

Our solution includes best-of-breed products as highlighted below.

LocalGov Drupal

Webcurl is proud to be an official supplier of the LocalGov Drupal CMS platform, which is specifically designed by councils for councils. If your council is looking for an efficient way to enhance its website, LocalGov Drupal offers a cost-effective solution.  Currently, 42 UK and Ireland councils of all shapes and sizes are already part of LocalGov Drupal, with Webcurl in partnership with over 25% of participating councils.

The platform offers:

  •  A Microsite Platform, which allows a single site to manage multiple individual sites. This addresses the challenge of supporting numerous websites across different departments and services. 
  • Content & functionality designed to meet or exceed the WCAG 2.1 level AA requirements.
  • Active Slack community made up of LocalGov Drupal suppliers & participating councils and developers.
    Much more! Visit our detailed LocalGov Drupal blog to find out more.

Webcurl Self-Serve

Webcurl Self-Serve is an advanced web form solution which fully integrates with your line of business systems. With Webcurl Self-Serve, stakeholders can conveniently engage with your organisation via user-friendly web forms that can facilitate a wide range of services, including:

  •  Road Management
  •  Social Care
  • Adoption


Power Platform

The Power Platform is an innovative low-code application development suite that empowers Local Government to enhance case management processes. Power Platform can streamline and automate approval workflows for activities such as permit applications, purchase requests, or internal document approvals, reducing manual intervention and processing times.

A use case for Power platform in Local Government is a Case Management solution. This usual includes 

  • Power Apps - Develop custom Case Management applications for multiple services across the organisation.
  • Power Automate: - Automate repetitive tasks to streamline case workflows and provide seamless Integration wth back office systems.
  • Power BI - Visualise case data through interactive dashboards and generate detailed reports for informed decision-making.

Interested in how Webcurl can help you digitally transform?

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