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LocalGov Drupal: The Smart Choice for Modernising your Council Website

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Local government websites play a crucial role in providing important information and services to a council's residents. However, many councils are still relying on outdated and inefficient website platforms that fail to meet the needs and expectations of their users.

In this blog, we will explore how LocalGov Drupal, a Content Management System (CMS) designed for local government websites, can help councils modernise their digital presence and improve the user experience for their residents. We will discuss the key features and benefits of LocalGov Drupal and explore why it is the smart choice for modernising your council's website.


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What is LocalGov Drupal?

LocalGov Drupal is a publicly owned asset made up of developers, content designers and digital professionals from councils across the UK. 

All councils in the UK have access to the open-source platform, which encompasses the power of collaboration.

Stemming from the desire to help councils cost-effectively improve their digital services, the platform offers UK councils the ability to deliver a better digital experience for residents, improve service outcome and save money.


Features that make LocalGov Drupal the smart choice

  • The base theme is lightweight, WCAG AA accessible and responsive.
  • Many of LocalGov Drupal's content formats and patterns are based on Government Digital Service Standards.
  • All features of LocalGov Drupal are based on user research and tried and tested by the public sector.
  • Members of the community have complete control over their websites and subsites.
  • The code is generic enough for councils to use with ease and adaptable enough to create unique websites. 
  • Content designers, editors and managers can easily make content changes and quickly react to needs of the public and elected representatives.
  • Developers can create bespoke functionality, but also draw on functionality that has been worked on collectively. 
  • LocalGov Drupal websites are here for the long run. Councils can create websites on a platform that will stand the test of time.
  • The platform is updated regularly with the latest security updates.


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Benefits that make LocalGov Drupal the smart choice


The LocalGov Drupal platform is a shining example of collaboration at its finest. It's a public digital asset created by councils for councils, and we think its collaborative approach is one of its key benefits. By working together, participating councils have access to a shared pool of user research and experts from other councils and supporting agencies, which offers unparalleled learning opportunities. As more councils join the platform, its value will only grow.

Currently, 34 local councils have made the switch to LocalGov Drupal, and the benefits of this collaborative approach are already being seen. When facing challenges with their existing websites, participating councils can tap into the knowledge and experience of others who have faced similar issues. By working together to address common needs, councils can react much faster than a single development team and finding solutions is much easier when done in collaboration. In short, LocalGov Drupal offers a powerful tool for councils to work together and achieve their digital goals more efficiently and effectively. 


Improving Service Delivery

LocalGov Drupal is committed to providing an exceptional user experience on all pages of the council websites built on its platform. By adhering to best practice UX guidelines, each website offers a seamless and intuitive digital experience for users. Additionally, many of the content formats and processes used on LocalGov Drupal are based on extensive user research, ensuring they have been thoroughly tried and tested by the public sector.

As touched upon above, collaboration is central to the ethos of LocalGov Drupal. When more councils join the platform, they bring new ideas and tips to help facilitate continuous improvement for the platform's future. This community-driven approach ensures the platform remains at the forefront of digital innovation and is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of its users. 


Control Over Your Website

The LocalGov Drupal platform provides members with complete control over their websites, using a codebase that is both adaptable and easy to use. This empowers content designers and managers to make content changes quickly and efficiently, allowing them to react promptly to any changes their residents and elected representatives may require.

Developers also benefit from this approach, as they can add functionality as needed while taking advantage of the features that have been developed collaboratively by the community. Overall, LocalGov Drupal's flexible and customisable platform enables its members to create unique websites whilst meeting their specific needs and requirements. 


Reducing Risks

As the demand for digital public and corporate services continues to increase, local councils face the challenge of developing stronger and more resilient procurement practices in response to the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. To address this challenge, LocalGov Drupal is creating websites on a secure platform that ensures the data of all stakeholders involved is protected.

To maintain a high level of security, LocalGov Drupal is committed to providing regular updates to the platform with the latest security measures and protocols. This dedication to ongoing improvement and maintenance ensures the platform is not only secure in the short term but also designed for long-term sustainability. 

In short, LocalGov Drupal understands the importance of prioritising the security and protection of its stakeholders' data in today's digital age.


Cost Savings

In today's era of austerity measures and continuous cuts in government spending, maximising budgets and reducing costs have become critical for local authorities. LocalGov Drupal offers a solution that significantly reduces the cost of building a new council website, by up to 80%, depending on the additional features required by the council.

There are several areas where cost savings can be achieved by using LocalGov Drupal:

  • Open-source software: LocalGov Drupal is built on open source software and does not require any licensing fees, making it a cost-effective choice for local authorities. 
  • Fewer redevelopment costs: LocalGov Drupal is designed to avoid the "big bang" redevelopment costs that come with other software every few years, saving councils money in the long run.
  • Lower development costs: Member councils have seen £40,000 - £100,000 saved on developer costs. Time is money and LocalGov Drupal speeds up the time it takes to launch a site.
  • Building and maintaining microsites: Many councils have microsites on different platforms, each with its own overhead costs. LocalGov Drupal's new microsites platform allows for multiple sites on the same instance, resulting in significant cost savings. 
  • User research: LocalGov Drupal provides features that eliminate the need for councils to spend money on user research for new site builds, resulting in savings of up to £15,000.

To find out more about how LocalGov Drupal can save councils money check this out.

By utilising LocalGov Drupal, local authorities can benefit from significant cost savings and improved efficiency, allowing them to allocate resources more effectively to better serve their communities. 



LocalGov Drupal is a smart choice for councils looking to modernise their website, offering a modern and cost-effective solution for councils looking to upgrade their outdated website platforms. As councils are under increasing pressure to upgrade their digital services despite shrinking budgets, cost savings become increasingly important. With LocalGov Drupal, councils can create and maintain websites at a lower cost. 

In addition to cost savings, LocalGov Drupal offers a collaborative platform where councils can share ideas, resources and knowledge, enabling continuous development of the platform. LocalGov Drupal's flexible and customisable platform enables its members to create unique websites that meet their specific needs and requirements while ensuring the data of all stakeholders involved is protected through its long-term commitment to security updates and ongoing maintenance. 


Thinking about making the move to LocalGov Drupal?

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If you have any questions about LocalGov Drupal or would like to discuss your project with one of our professionals, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always here to help you achieve your goals and save costs along the way.


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