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Revolutionising Councils' Digital Services: 5 Transformative Benefits of Webcurl Self-Serve

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Local authorities are under immense pressure to enhance their online services while grappling with ongoing budget cuts. Webcurl Self-Serve is specifically designed to address this challenge, providing an innovative, customer journey webform solution that streamlines council digital services. In this blog post, we will introduce the Webcurl Self-Serve product and highlight five key benefits that can help councils revolutionise their online services and meet their digital goals.


What is Webcurl Self-Serve?

Webcurl Self-Serve is a webform solution designed to bridge the gap between your council and its residents. With Webcurl Self-Serve, residents can conveniently engage with their council via user-friendly web forms for a wide array of services including road management, parking assistance, transportation queries, and street cleaning requests. Residents can input relevant information, submit requests, or make inquiries, that are automatically transformed into actionable cases in your back office.


5 Key Benefits

1. Streamlined Interaction and Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Webcurl Self-Serve enables councils to utilise online webforms to streamline resident interaction with council online services. Online customer journey webforms allow a council to speed up case management processes, and enhance resident's user experience by providing them with additional channels in which they can interact with council services.

2. Customisation for Tailored Customer Journey Forms

Customisation is a core tenet of our webform solution. With Webcurl Self-Serve, you have the ability to modify views and create custom forms in-house, eliminating the reliance on external development services. On top of this council's can personalise the design and branding of forms, ensuring they reflect your council's unique identity and values.

3. Scalability to Meet Growing Needs

Webcurl Self-Serve is built to ensure your council remains compliant and can scale alongside your council's unique needs, budget, and digital goals. As your organisation's digital presence expands, Webcurl Self-Serve can accommodate increased demand and new functionalities, ensuring a seamless experience for both residents and council staff.

4. Cost Savings and Efficient Resource Allocation

Implementing Webcurl Self-Serve Portals allows councils to reduce the burden of direct telephone calls and customer service waiting times. On average, a resident call costs a council £3.83, while a website visit costs just £0.15. Our cost-effective solution helps decrease inbound calls and waiting times, allowing your employees to focus on more complex tasks, while residents receive case results faster and more efficiently.

5. Integration & Utility 

In addition to the transformative benefits mentioned above, Webcurl offer a variety of plug-ins for seamless integration with Dynamics 365 CRM, Suite CRM, or any other CRM system.

This includes:

  • Integration with mapping data from Bing, Google, or Ordnance Survey Open Zoomstack
  • Address auto-completion from bespoke address systems or Google
  • GOV UK Pay
  • GOV UK Notify
  • Capita Pay 360 Integration

These integrations can be implemented to enhance the utility and functionality of your Webcurl Self-Serve solution.

Interested in Webcurl Self-Serve for your council?

Ready to take your council's online presence to the next level with Webcurl Self-Serve? Our experts at WebcurlGOV are eager to help you enhance your council's online presence. From consultation and development to ongoing support, we will work with you to create a solutions that best align with your digital goals and budget. Get in touch today and improve your council's online services for both residents and staff.

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