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One Platform, Many Sites: The Perks of Using LocalGov Drupal's Microsites Platform

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In today's digital age, councils face a unique challenge: how to effectively harness the power of the internet to engage with their communities, deliver services, and stay compliant with ever-evolving regulations. The development of microsites has emerged as a useful tool, allowing councils to create focused platforms for specific initiatives. However, as the number of microsites multiplies, so do the complexities. Managing diverse online initiatives, ensuring brand consistency, and staying within budget can be a daunting task. Enter the LocalGov Drupal (LGD) Microsites platform, a game-changing solution designed to simplify the digital landscape for UK councils. In this blog, we'll dive into the issues tied to traditional multi-site creation and explore how the LGD Microsite platform tackles these challenges head-on.


The challenges councils are faced with

  • Many digital teams find themselves supporting numerous websites across departments and services.
  • These sites often share functionality, but each is created from scratch, and often maintained by third parties, with little oversight for the core web team.
  • Councils spend considerable money, time and energy ensuring these sites are secure, up-to-date, accessible and valuable.


Enter LGD Microsites: A Game-Changer

Imagine a world where complexity is replaced with simplicity. The LGD Microsites platform does just that! Here's how:

Streamlined centralised control that reduces costs and risk

Instead of hosting and maintaining multiple websites, LGD Microsites operate on a single code and database. This reduces cost significantly while granting microsite controllers complete oversight over all active sites. Furthermore, microsite controllers can view permissions and manage access efficiently, heightening control and security.


Effective content management

LGD Microsites provide the ability to grant access permissions to each microsite individually, allowing the assembly of distinct teams for each site as needed. Microsites can be populated with unique content - pages, media, taxonomy terms, and menus - with administrators having the authority to customise content types and features for each microsite, giving them full control over the customisation process. For example, one microsite might serve as a dedicated blog with limited functionality, while another may require the full range of available features.


Enhanced content editor experience

LocalGov Drupal has built an impressive set of features that enable content editors to create unique, stand-out content. Editors benefit from an array of user-friendly, low-code features that facilitate the creation of visually appealing content, for example, the ability to effortlessly insert multiple sections with one, two, or three columns, offering many widths and background colour options. 


Designs that align with brand guidelines

Each microsite can be configured to use a bespoke set of colours and typography allowing councils to create microsites that match brand guidelines. A microsite admin can set up the content they want to appear in the header and footer and the site's colours and typography. Moreover, the platform is equipped to support the implementation of custom themes on a site-by-site basis.


To summarise

The LGD Microsites platform is a powerful tool that offers countless benefits for councils. It simplifies the process of running additional websites and can help councils reduce their costs. As local authorities seek to navigate the complexities of today's digital landscape, LGD Microsites provide a groundbreaking solution that clears the way for a more agile and effective digital future.

Access the full microsite feature list here:

View a demo LGD Microsite:


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