Customer Experience Management

Webcurl develops integrated Customer Experience tools to help you manage every step of your customers’ journey. Our solutions help you to digitalise your operations and your customers’ interactions with you. This helps you optimise processes, transform your operations and deliver greater stakeholder value while reducing administrative costs.


How do we help you reduce costs?

We help you to leverage the twin efficiencies of digitalisation and open-source software. This means we can reduce the cost of ownership whilst also driving process improvements.

Our Customer Experience Management solution comprises three key components:

  • Website
  • The Webcurl CRM Connector
  • CRM

Together these three solutions deliver the tools for you to digitalise your customers’ journeys.


Webcurl has delivered and supports many Council websites including:

  • Argyll & Bute
  • Bath & North East Somerset
  • East Hertfordshire
  • East Hampshire
  • East Staffordshire
  • Havant Borough
  • Wirral

We have quite a diverse customer base, but one thing all these organisations have in common is a desire to offer a better online experience for their customers – whether internal or external.

The example to the right shows reporting an issue with Road Traffic signs. The pins show existing cases which you can view and then either follow this case or create a brand new one if it is unrelated.

The option to add a description and accompanying files is available to complete but additional fields can easily be added if required.


Webcurl CRM Connector


The Webcurl CRM Connector provides the essential link between what your customer does online and your back-office systems. It means you can seamlessly capture data online and it will be updated in real-time in your CRM solution, helping you maintain that essential single view of your customer and deliver a true multi-channel experience.


We implement and support two different CRM solutions, so you can pick the solution that best fits with your existing infrastructure and infrastructure decisions.

Choose from Microsoft Dynamics CRM or the open-source Webcurl CRM based on Sugar CRM.

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You’re in control

Customisation is a core tenet of our portal solution – and we put the power to customise in your hands.

Our intuitive portal builder makes it easy for your team to create and publish the web forms your customers need, as and when you want to deliver them – and they will link seamlessly with your CRM.


At the heart of our portal solution is the open-source content management system Drupal.

This is a widely used and constantly evolving open-source platform so you can be assured of the longevity of the solution. Plus, you benefit from a complete absence of any costs associated with licence management and scaling up.

Flexible and tailorable

You can use the intuitive drag-and-drop editor to build forms as you wish.

Our development team is always on hand to support you through the deployment and into use. We’re also on hand to tailor your website and portals so that everything coheres with your corporate branding.